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H2 Zen, the source of vitality & beauty

a   revolutionary antioxidant

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Sandra LOU

TV host & actress

H2 Zen  settles deeply and durably in my daily life. I feel much fitter, and clearly equipped to face my days in the best possible way. 

I feel more clean, as if cleansed from the inside, and I who tend not to hydrate myself enough, I notice a real change thanks to H2 Zen.



Professional golfer

H2 Zen allows me a better concentration at the key moment. Better lucidity throughout the day and less fatigue felt. We know that sports performance is generated by the head, H2 Zen allows me to have control over my emotions.



Rally champion

When I take H2 Zen, I feel an increased concentration, I recover better and above all I feel much less nervous, because the nervousness is often due  to fatigue

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Trusted by exceptional women and men


H-DEUX SUISO, the first Franco-Japanese expert on the antioxidant H2, is in COSMOPOLITAN!

Extract from page 124

COSMO | February 2021

"Researchers have discovered a miraculous molecule, which works at the cellular level and neutralizes the book radicals responsible for aging."

"In Japan, everyone is a fan of this hydrogen encapsulated in the form of a dietary supplement, because it has an effect on well-being as well as on the skin."

Over 1500 scientific publications on this revolutionary antioxidant beneficial for health & well-being.

  • Improves your ability to recover better

  • Antioxidant to boost your immunity

  • Improves your vitality & performance

  • Improves your concentration

  • Help to have clarity of mind

  • Helps in cell hydration

  • Reduces muscle fatigue

  • Anti-aging to fight against aging

  • Neutralizes free radicals


Athlete Nutrition

H2, molecular hydrogen improves performance, recovery and concentration
modèle de cheveux

An exceptional anti-aging

H2, molecular hydrogen is an anti-aging agent that improves vitality and recovery

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) at the service of health and well-being

Find the latest research and scientific publications on the website of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute directed by Tyler W. Lebaron

Health & Well-being

H-deux Suiso SAS is the first Franco-Japanese expert specializing in hydrogen for health and well-being. We frequently have many requests for information and as such we organize online sessions to explain the benefits of hydrogen.

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