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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it recommended to drink molecular hydrogen H2?
Molecular hydrogen H2 is a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, which is responsible for many diseases and premature aging. Hydrogen being the smallest element in the universe, it can thus penetrate into parts of the body that other antioxidants cannot reach, in particular neurons or cell nuclei.


Why do we need to take antioxidants?
Did you know that every time we breathe, 2% of the oxygen that enters our body turns into bad oxygen that oxidizes us, this is also called free radicals.  In addition, the industrialized lifestyle in which we live tends to stress our organism more and more, a bad diet, pollution, stress, etc., all these factors contribute to unbalance our organism. This aggression is called oxidative stress and this oxidative stress would be the source of chronic diseases and the consequence of the excessive presence of free radicals in the body. Antioxidants simply protect our body against free radicals 


Can hydrogen explode?
We often hear that hydrogen can explode. This information must be completed, in particular that concerning the limit of 4% hydrogen concentration in the air. In fact, below 4% hydrogen concentration in the air, there is no risk of explosiveness.


Can we apply molecular hydrogen to the body?
Yes, by using water enriched with molecular hydrogen you can apply H2 on the body, skin or scalp.


When will I start to notice the effects of H2?
Everyone is different, some people feel the effects early on and notice a recovery quickly while other people need several weeks. Studies and scientific publications show that on average people feel the effects of H2 after 2 weeks of treatment.


Is hydrogen toxic? To date, no toxicity has been found in the numerous tests carried out. Even clinical studies using humans have shown no unwanted or side effects due to H2. H2 is a substance regularly produced in our body, especially by intestinal bacteria in the large intestine. It is not a substance foreign to our body, so it does not harm our body. It is also worth remembering that H2 has been used in deep sea diving for many years, it is a gas that is considered extremely safe.

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