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H2 Beauty

For hydrated and elastic skin



This small portable device has been adopted by many Japanese women. It is an innovative fogger that produces water enriched with molecular hydrogen, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight against cell aging.


Beauty routine

With H2 Beauty, hydrate your skin with an antioxidant mist that penetrates deep into the pores thanks to hydrogen, the smallest and lightest element in the universe. Use H2 Beauty daily to help hydrate your skin, remove dead skin, and achieve smoother skin and a radiant complexion.



H2 Beauty was created for the Japanese market. The production of hydrogen is done through a technology called PEM, Proton Exchange Membrane in English or Proton Exchange Membrane which makes it possible to divide pure water into hydrogen.

We also opted for a second technology called Ultrasonic, it is a plate that allows to obtain a tiny mist called nano-droplets of water enriched in molecular hydrogen.


I love using it in the morning to prep my skin before I put on makeup.

The mist is ultra pleasant and does not flow.

It's my new beauty secret.

It relieves the tightness of my skin.  

I have been using it every day for over a week, the most obvious feeling is that the skin on my face is well hydrated!

Some testimonials

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