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H2 Beauty pre-order

H2 Beauty pre-order


H2 Beauty.

Order in preview H2 Beauty, a small device portable which will allow you to vaporize molecular hydrogen H2 on your skin, a powerful antioxidant.


  • Present naturally in our body and in the universe, Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest atom present at the top left in the Mendeleïev Table It is the smallest molecule in the world, it thus penetrates easily all cells to neutralize hydroxyl radicals selectively.

    We need molecular hydrogen to combat our overexposure to oxidative stress and the free radicals that we produce and accumulate due to exogenous and endogenous factors.

    In which case to use H-deux Beauty:

    This small portable device has been adopted by many Japanese women. This innovative fogger produces water enriched with molecular hydrogen, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight cell aging.

    With H2 Beauty, hydrate your skin with an antioxidant mist  which penetrates the pores deeply thanks to hydrogen, the smallest and lightest element in the universe.

    Use H2 Beauty daily to help hydrate your skin,  remove them  dead skin and so  get smoother skin and complexion  brilliant.

    The difference between the antioxidant H2 (molecular hydrogen) and other antioxidants?

    Molecular hydrogen is a selective antioxidant that only targets harmful free radicals.

    Molecular hydrogen produces water, after neutralizing a free radical no waste is produced. This process also helps to hydrate the cells.

    Molecular hydrogen is the lightest and smallest molecule in the world, thanks to these two characteristics, it penetrates and spreads more easily and quickly in our body and our cells. Compared with other vitamins, H2 is 88 times lighter than vitamin C and 215 times lighter than vitamin E.

    The last important point concerns Zero toxicity, molecular hydrogen is not harmful to the organism, even at high doses no toxic effects were found.


    Presentation: H2 Beauty is delivered in a box containing a USB cable to recharge it.

    Directions for use: Hold H2 Beauty by both ends and pull gently to open it up to the stopper. Wait 3 minutes for the water to be enriched in molecular hydrogen, an indicator located below the device lights up during this action and will automatically turn off after 3 minutes. Then place a finger on the golden ring of the device to activate the fogger and orient  simply the mist on your face so that the nanodroplets enriched in molecular hydrogen can act on the skin of your face.

    Recommendations:  H2 Beauty is used with distilled water that you can buy from your pharmacist.

  • As soon as your package has been picked up in the Colissimo network, you can track your package at any time from  the Colissimo website  with the tracking code that we will communicate to you.
    This package will be delivered to you in person, deposited in your mailbox or in your post office (delivered against signature and presentation of an identity document). Your package is delivered to your home within 2 to 4 working days when the product is in stock, additional time may be necessary if out of stock, in this case, H-deux Suiso SAS will contact you to notify you. of the situation.

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